Why choose the
vegan lifestyle?

Cube of Truth vegan demonstration on Váci Street


Animalkind book cover


The book discusses the emotional and mental abilities of animals and provides tips on how to live in a respectful relationship with them without exploitation. Its aim is to offer practical steps towards better understanding and protection of animals.

Cover image for the video "Glass Walls"

Glass walls

Paul McCartney, a musical legend and activist, provides a powerful narration in this compelling video. Watch it and learn why everyone would be vegan if slaughterhouses had glass walls.

Cover image for the documentary "Earthlings"


It's a documentary about humanity's dependency on animals, but it also showcases our total disrespect towards these "non-human helpers."

30 non-vegan excuses & how to respond to them book cover

30 non-vegan excuses & how to respond to them

This book covers almost all the questions that may arise in a beginner vegan or someone interested in the topic.

Ed Winters during his lecture

You Will Never Look at Your Life in the Same Way Again

Earthling Ed's lecture about his own journey to veganism and the moral essence of veganism.

Gary Yourofsky giving a speech

Best Speech You Will Ever Hear

Gary Yourofsky's inspiring speech delivered at Georgia Tech in the summer of 2010. His speech helps to make ethical decisions in hopes of a cleaner conscience and soul.

Cover image for the lecture "The Real Matrix - 101 Reasons to Take the Red Pill"

The Real Matrix - 101 Reasons to Take the Red Pill

A humorous and candid presentation about the connection between eating and culture.

Cover image for the documentary "Dominion"


Dominion is a 2018 Australian documentary film primarily filmed with hidden cameras and drones inside Australian farms and slaughterhouses.

Melanie Joy -  Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows book cover

Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows

Melanie Joy's book is about the belief system and psychology of meat eating, which Joy calls carnism. The concept of carnism became widely known through this book. Carnism is a form of speciesism, the ethical opposite of veganism, which rejects the consumption of meat and other animal products, as well as the exploitation of animals, out of moral commitment.

While veganism is strictly an animal rights movement, it also has other positive aspects.


Cover image for the documentary film "The Game Changers"

The Game Changers

The Game Changers is a 2018 documentary film about athletes who follow a plant-based diet.

Cover image for the documentary film "Food Choices"

Food Choices

Research on food choice examines how people select the food they eat. It's an interdisciplinary topic that encompasses psychological and sociological aspects of food choice, economic considerations, and sensory factors.

Cover image for the documentary film "What The Health"

What The Health

We can follow the courageous documentary filmmaker Kip Andersen's journey as he uncovers the secrets of preventing and reversing chronic diseases, and examines why the world's leading health organizations don't want us to know about them.

 Cover image for the documentary film "Forks over Knives"

Forks over Knives

This documentary delves into the startling claim that by avoiding animal-derived and processed foods, most, if not all, of the diseases and disorders affecting us can be stopped or even reversed.


Exploring the biophysical option space for feeding the world without deforestation statistic

Exploring the biophysical option space for feeding the world without deforestation

Protecting the remaining forests on Earth is a crucial challenge for all of our futures! This is a comprehensive study from 2016, drawing on 67 different scientific sources, examining the most suitable diet for protecting our planet's remaining forests and how to ensure humanity's food supply is sustainable at least until 2050.

Cover of the documentary film "Cowspiracy"

Cowspiracy - The Secret of Sustainability

A groundbreaking environmental documentary. It follows the journey of Kip Andersen, who discovers the most destructive industry on the planet and investigates why the world's largest environmental organizations are afraid to talk about it.

Cover image for the documentary film "Seaspiracy"


Seaspiracy is a documentary film released in 2021 about the environmental impact of fishing, directed by British filmmaker Ali Tabrizi. The film examines the human impact on marine life and advocates for ending fish consumption.