Vegan Animal Protection banner
Vegan foods on the table for free tasting
A little child with a plush polar bear
Vegan information tables and interested individuals
A little girl playing with plush toys
A little girl playing with a plush dog
A representative of Fans for Animals Foundation receives the collected amount
People are browsing vegan information tables
Vegan food tasting, interested individuals are sampling vegan dishes
Queueing for vegan food
The information table Together for Pets Foundation
Plush chinchilla on the rodent rescue information table
A little boy is petting a dog on the table
Leaflet of Vegan Activists Hungary Association
Information table of Kisállatjogsi
Knitted plush animals
Plush pig under the table of the Pig Rescue Foundation
Children are drawing
A woman is receiving her raffle prize
A man is receiving his raffle prize
A woman is collecting the raffle prize
A woman is receiving the book prize from the raffle
A child is drawing at the table
Representatives of MAVEG - Hungarian Vegan Association
The MAVEG - Hungarian Vegan Association information table
Pedestrians with a dog
A little girl with a rescued dog
Bystanders are walking around and browsing
A woman and a dog next to the plush animal petting area
A lot of interested people are walking among the tables
Mom is coloring animal coloring books with her children
A dog next to a plush pig
A family is choosing from plush toys
Plush toys
A man with a brown dog
A man is petting a resting dog
Dad and daughter are choosing plush toys
Two women, one of them is petting a dog
Snapshot - People enjoying themselves at the vegan animal welfare day
A man and a woman are selecting plush toys
A woman is showing a plush lamb
A man is enjoying the vegan food
The table of Vegan Activists Hungary Association
An interested person takes a vegan pamphlet
A woman and a little girl with a dog
People are enjoying themselves at the vegan animal welfare day