Passersby photograph the activists sitting in cages
A female director wearing an armband speaks into a megaphone
Vegan activists are displaying signs
A vegan activist woman is speaking into a megaphone, while holding a sign next to her
Vegan activists hold signs and sit in a cage, black and white
A curious man is watching the vegan demonstration
Vegan activists are lined up demonstrating, with two activists in cages in front of them
A masked vegan sits in the cage, holding a sign against animal experimentation
A woman dressed as a cow sits in a cage
Two people are talking, in the background a vegan activist shows the dairy industry
Two young guys are talking to a vegan activist
A vegan activist is demonstrating against the dairy industry
A man looks surprised while watching vegan footage
An activist dressed as a cow sits in a cage, with the inscription "Dominion" in front of them
A vegan activist shows a purebred poodle breeding facility on TV
A vegan activist showcases a dog from Eastern Hungary on TV
Interested individuals are adopting plush animals
A vegan activist is talking to an interested person